Based on VolksBot components we build a mobile robot for mapping indoor and outdoor environments for the master students of the Fachhochschule Bonn Rhein Sieg. Beside GPS and inertial odometer the robot has a continuously rotation 3D laser scanner (3DLS) with two 2D Sick scanner and a special dodecahedron cube 360 degree camera consisting of 11 single USB 2.0 cameras each with a resolution of maximal 2 million pixels. On top of the robot is a landing platform consisting of a Plexiglas board for a quadrotor flying robot (Vertical TakeOff and Landing VTOL). Beside the environmental mapping and situation awareness is the combination of ground and aerial robot on top of the research agenda of the master students e.g. the autonomous landing of the quadrotor on the ground robot.


  • Quadkopterflight Tracking with the attention system VOCUS
  • Start and landing of the Quadkopters at the DataBot at the Fraunhofer IAIS Roboticlab
  • Start and landing of the Quadkopters at the DataBot outside at the Fraunhofer IAIS Roboticlab
  • Tracking with the visual attention system (VOCUS)
  • Closed loop indoor/outdoor flight with the Quadkopter
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