Traditional imaging devices (photographic and video) are limited in their field of view. Existing devices typically use a photographic camera or a video camera, in conjunction with an off-the-shelf lens. Our omni camera configuration allows the device to view the world from the center of projection of the lens in all directions (360 deg. field of view). Such sensors have direct applications in a variety of fields, including, video surveillance, teleconferencing, computer vision and virtual reality.

The catadioptric vision system IAISVision including a USB 2.0 CCD camera (based on a quickcam pro 5000 / 9000) and a hyperbolic mirror can be used in addition to a standard pan camera, allowing a 360 deg. field of view.
A color vision library for ICONNECT is free for non commercial use. The vision system can be used on Windows and Linux operating systems.
Included in delivery:
  • Hyperbolic mirror
  • USB 2.0 camera
  • Frame for camera and mirror
  • Basis software for Windows and Linux
Technical Data:
  • Hyperbolic mirror: Diameter: 70mm, Pitch: 0 deg.-35 deg
  • Camera: Resolution: up to 640x480, 30fps, Interface: USB 2.0, Opening angle: 52 deg.
  • Complete system: Weight: 400g, Size: 200x100x100mm, Prepared for mount on 10x10mm square bar steel

We also offer the vision system with other cameras e.g. higher resolution and compact AVT MARLIN IEEE-1394 cameras (res. 1392x1038,10fps) or with the IEEE-1394 apple iSight camera (res. 640x480, 30fps). The iSight camera as well as the QuickcamPro 9000 has an autofoucs and can extended with a pan and tilde unit. So, it can move under the mirror (360 degree view) or it can be used directly without the mirror (dual mode) for high quality pictures. For USB 2.0 we used the QuickcamPro 9000 autofocus camera. All cameras come with a basic software libary to capture images under Windows and Linux.

The new dodecahedron cube 360 degree camera consists of eleven cameras aiming in different directions. They are mounted in a penta-dodecahedron shaped polyhedron to achieve a near full spherical view.

For prices and questions please contact Prof. Hartmut Surmann.

A flyer for the IAIS-Vison system can be downloaded here


  • Isight mit Autofocus und Servo

    Rotating 3D scanner and a turning unit with an infrared Kamera and standard digital camera (for high resoultion pictures, 5 Mio. pixel).

USB Omincamera USB Omincamera ISight with servo & Omni mirror IEEE high resolution Omincamera dodecahedron cube 306 degree camera
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