VolksBot® Robots

With the VolksBot® construction kit various variants of powerful mobile robots can quickly be built and adapted for different applications.
There are basic robot platforms and more specific robots, tailored for dedicated application fields.

VolksBot® offers three basic families of robots:

VolksBot®RT (Rough Terrain)
VolksBot®XT (eXtreme Terrain)

VolksBot®Indoor is tailored for Indoor applications.

The VolksBot®RT family offers three robot variants. The RT3 for high agility, the compact version RT4 and the RT6 for high mobility and payload, each with All-Wheel-Drive.

The All-Wheel-Driven VolksBot®XT is used in extreme terrain. The flexible mechanical construction enhances ground contact of all wheels. It can be used e.g. for climbing stairs.

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By use of VolksBot components, Fraunhofer IAIS also develops customized solutions for mobile robotic applications.

Rescue Lifting
Fraunhofer-Institut für Intelligente Analyse- und Informationssysteme