Important for the fast rapid prototyping is the modularity in hard and software. Our hardware ist tested under Windows and Linux and drivers are avialiable for both operation systems. Based on the drivers we have implementend several algorithms in C++ and concentrated in the FAIRlib (Fraunhofer Autonomous Intelligent Robotics Library) The C++ library is also available for Windows and Linux. Volksbot supports the free Robot Operation System ROS .

Furthermore windows user have the possibility to use the ICONNECT framework by Micro-Epsilon Messtechnik. The software can be run on a standard notebook, is based on the signal flow principle and real-time capable under Windows®. A library of existing modules can be used and extended with own functionality by programming modules in C++.

An educational OEM licence of ICONNECT is available in combination with the VolksBot® RT kit for non-commercial use. More information about ICONNECT can be found at

The Volksbot-Lab can used with Labview.

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